And then what did he do? Did he train you? Did he rehearse you? Did he tell you exactly what to do, what to say? You were a very apt pupil too, weren’t you? You were a very apt pupil! Well, why did you pick on me? Why me?!

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American Horror Story: Murder House

 A Summary

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scientists do fall in love with their subjects.

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Infographic: How Tall is the Tower of Sauron?

Sauron has many spies with many eyes… but only one of them is a bajillion feet tall and on fire.

Artist: Boxmang

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The new Childish Gambino song is dope

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Do Better by Say Anything

And it’s disgusting how little that you try.
The existential equivalence of pink eye.

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Logan had fallen in love with her in striped T-shirts and jeans. There was no need to mess with a winning formula.

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